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About RSEE Innovations


RSEE Innovations was formed in 2002.
We are located in Hartstown, Pennsylvania, a small town near  the north west corner of the state.
 It is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Ron See with some part time assistance.   The main purpose of the company is to market, sell, and distribute the fully patented RECYCLERS RAFT and any other products invented by the owner.

 By doing this we expect to create American jobs , and make heavy duty useful items that encourage recycling, and give the customer their money`s worth.

  We have already designed and started production on a smaller version of the Recyclers Raft called the swim aid. It holds six bottles, and is made from the same durable material as the original.
 We are concerned with environmental issues. Recycling technology and alternative energies are two subjects that  are big in the future of this planet.

 We at RSEE Innovations plan to share our ideas with the world in hopes of slowing the huge amounts of  recyclables being buried in landfills and increase awareness of recycling and the use of alternative energies.


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