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-- A project of the National Waste Prevention Coalition - July 18, 2006
Forum archive:  http://www.nwpcarchive.org

From Tom Watson, King County Solid Waste Division, Seattle, WA, and the National Waste Prevention Coalition:

I recently heard of two new products related to waste prevention.  I have not tried either one, but I thought people might find them interesting:

- ReadPal software (http://www.readpal.com), which is designed to make documents easier to read on a computer screen, reducing the amount of printing done just because people don't like to read documents on a screen.  ReadPal is a product of Cucoco Ltd., a private company based at the Campus Innovation Centre of the National University of Ireland in Galway.  The goal of the company is to develop commercial products "that will positively impact the environment and society."

- The second product (first seen in "The Greener Side" blog) is more frivolous, but perfect for summertime:  the Recyclers Raft (http://www.recyclersraft.com).  It looks like an ordinary blow-up air mattress, but it's filled with 26 reused, empty 2-liter pop bottles, which keep it afloat.  What I like about this product is that regular air mattresses (often made of polyvinyl chloride) frequently get holes or leaks and quickly end up in the garbage, but this raft should be much more durable.  It also reuses a common product, and it's a clever way to illustrate durability and reuse.  The raft consists of a zippered polyester-canvas shell that holds the bottles.  It has a two-year free replacement warranty and costs $39.95.  It's made in the U.S. by RSEE Innovations in Hartstown, PA.



Recycle? New Invention puts old pop bottles to use as rafts

February 11, 2006 - Meadville Tribune, Meadville PA

Hartstown - A new use for discarded 2-liter soda bottles may lead a Hartstown-area man to fame and fortune. The Recyclers Raft looks like an ordinary blow-up air mattress, but it's filled with 26 empty 2-liter bottles to make it float, according to Ron See, its inventor, who received a patent for the product in December. The raft is a zippered polyester-canvas shell that holds the bottles which provide bouyancy. See says the shell is durable and comes with a two-year free replacement warranty. While conventional plastic or vinyl air mattresses cost only a few dollars, See's product is $49.95, but he doesn't see it as a drawback. "I'm hoping it appeals to those who recycle," said See. "Plus, when conventional blow-up rafts spring a leak, a person usually has to buy another one", he said. He got the inspiration for the raft in the 1990s when Coca-Cola sponsored races on Conneaut Lake. Those races required boats to be made out of discarded Coke containers. While the raft mainly is designed for water, it can be used on the ground like a conventional air mattress. When he's not inventing, See's own job is in recycling. He operates Ron's Hauling, a recycled metal and scrap hauling firm in Hartstown. The raft is being contract manufactured currently and marketed by See's company, RSEE Innovations. "The goal is to create some jobs and keep it USA made," he said. It also may be the first in a line of several products. "There are seven or eight other deisgns I'm working on," See said. A second - Recyclers Raft Swim Aid - is in the test stages. "I want to be known world-wide," he said. "that's the long-term goal." The raft is available at Dirt's Cycle and Lakeside Beer Distibutors at Conneaut Lake and at it's Web site, www.recyclersraft.com




February 10, 2006 - PRWeb

RSEE Innovations, a new company, announced the beginning of production and offering to the public for sale their innovative design floatation device called the RECYCLERS RAFT.
Ron See, owner of the business and inventor of the unique design and patented Recyclers Raft, founded the company and website in 2003 to market and distribute his own invention.
After 3 years of research, product testing, patent work, and locating a reliable U.S manufacturer, he has created a product that is USA made, extremely durable and depndable. He hopes the new product will help slow the flow of solid waste to our nations landfills, and teach and encourage simple recycling.
Recyclers Raft is the signature product and brand name for a whole new line of products. The second ( Recyclers Raft Swim Aid) is already in test stages and will be available soon.
Anyone who can unzip the ends and insert empty soda bottles into the polyester duc shell can use it.
The need for a depndable float that is lightweight, easily transportable, doesn't require blowing up, and won't go flat has been ever present. Utilizing (recyclering) empty 2 liter soda bottles as extremely durable bouyancy cells that are easily replaces and virtually free is the type of "new millenium" thinking that RSEE Innovations is trying to promote. By getting consumers to recycle in order to use the products he hopes to inspire all ages to the endless possibilities of reducing, reusing, and recycling.
Recyclers Raft is currently being contract manufactured and marketed by RSEE innovations in Hartstown, Pennsylvania.
The rafts are available at a few local stores in the area and on the world wide web at www.recyclersraft.com. They have been sold on ebay and were picked to appear on WayoutAuctions, an internet website that features unique items.
Recyclers Raft comes with a 2 year free replacement warranty and cost $49.95.
Any questions or comments please feel free to contact Ron See through the website or via email ron@recyclersraft.com



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